“I work with many physicians and Dr. Miller is one of the best doctors I know. She really takes the time to listen and communicate with her patients.”
Sam Sheldon
Owner and Pharmacist
Compounding Pharmacy of Beverly Hills

“It’s wonderful having Dr. Miller in town. I know that when I refer my patients to her they will receive both outstanding medical care and VIP treatment.”
Dr. Bijan Pourat
Beverly Hills, CA

“Thanks for the consultation and lecture. It was very informative, useful and probably should be a requirement for all patients of all MDs.”
50, male
Beverly Hills, CA

“I must say you are the most ‘real’ doctor I have ever come across! I was sharing our conversation with my neighbor and she was screaming ‘give me her number … give me her number!'”
57, female
Orange County, CA

“I want to thank you for yesterday… fantastic!!!!! My mom wants you to help her too.”
45, female
Westwood, CA

“I was suffering from weight gain, unable to sleep at night and then tired during the day, night sweats, lack of “forward moving” in my day to day life, stiff achy joints after exercising, lack of sex drive, cold all the time, loss of hair. I started noticing and realized that for the last 4 years every winter season I was getting sick; I never got the cold or flu before. Scheduling to meet Dr. Miller was very easy. Not knowing what to expect, I loved my appointment. Dr Miller was very interested in listening to what I had to say, and also very helpful in giving me descriptive words for what I was feeling. She was very attentive and patient. My exam, I felt, was very complete and personal.

“In review of my blood work, I’ve never had a doctor go over blood work so thoroughly before in my life. She explained everything on the report in a language that I could understand and not only explained the problems, but also told me what was causing them and reassured me that all the issues could be handled.

“When it came time for Dr Miller to explain my treatment plan options, it was very thorough and she gave me a step by step plan. It was not overwhelming and I soon realized it was easy to manage. The references she suggested were so helpful for me to further my understanding about what was really going on with me.

“I can’t say how much better I feel and how fast I felt it happened. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I felt better!!!”
Georgianna, 50
Medical Office Manager
Arcadia, CA

“We went over every test result, what they meant, the implications if abnormal, and corrective actions. I filled out a personal health history and we reviewed it again thoroughly. I have never had a doctor pay such attention to my well being, I mean after 2 and 1/2 hours I understood what a comprehensively medical evaluation was like. It is up to me, with her help and guidance, to take charge and responsibility for my health. Dr. Miller sends me articles that relate to what we talked-about and we talk about how this will help me. Everyone should call Dr. Miller and schedule an evaluation, its well worth it. You won’t regret it, it may save your life.”
Richard, 71
Health Care Activist
Beverly Hills, CA

“I’m just so happy to feel like a normal person again. The hot flashes were crazy. I couldn’t sleep. The covers went on and off, for years. My poor husband. I kept thinking it would go away by itself.”
60, female
Sherman Oaks, CA

“I’m looking forward to receiving Dr. Miller’s Newsletter because I was very impressed with the manner in which I was treated during our interview. Additionally, was grateful that she kindly provided me with referrals to other professionals who are willing to take my medicare insurance. That good karma should return to Dr. Miller threefold!”
53, female
Huntington Beach, CA