Board-Certified Integrative Medicine
Concierge Menopause & Integrative Medicine Doctor
Newport Beach, California

Dr. Shira Miller is featured in the VENTURA BLVD September/October 2017 Women’s Issue. From birth control to menopause, she discussed the best treatments available with VB editor, Linda Grasso. Here’s one of the 10 questions she was asked: “So how do you treat those low hormone levels? I replace the actual hormones that are deficient in a way which mimics how women’s hormone cycles normally work. This means prescribing bioidentical hormones in a cyclic fashion; not non-bioidentical hormones that look similar to what the body would have produced. Similar is not good enough—an exact copy needs to be replaced. And just to be clear, in menopause and postmenopause, estrogen and progesterone levels are nil or almost nil. The male equivalent of menopause is castration.” Click here to continue reading on page 22!
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