Abstract: Clomiphene (Clomid) Increases Free Testosterone

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Int J Impot Res. 2003 Jun;15(3):156-65. Clomiphene increases free testosterone levels in men with both secondary hypogonadism and erectile dysfunction: who does and does not benefit? Guay AT, Jacobson J, Perez JB, Hodge MB, Velasquez E. Source: Center for Sexual Function (Endocrinology), Peabody, Massachusetts 01960, USA. andre.t.guay@lahey.org Abstract Secondary hypogonadism is more common than primary gonadal failure and is seen in chronic and acute illnesses. Although testosterone has a role in erections, its … Read More

Abstract: French Study Says No Increased Breast Cancer Risk With Bioidentical Hormones

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Climacteric. 2002 Dec;5(4):332-40. Combined hormone replacement therapy and risk of breast cancer in a French cohort study of 3175 women.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download de Lignières B, de Vathaire F, Fournier S, Urbinelli R, Allaert F, Le MG, Kuttenn F. Service d’Endocrinologie et Médecine de la Reproduction, Hôpital Necker, Paris, France. The largest-to-date randomized trial (Women’s Health … Read More

No Menopause Symptoms?

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Many menopausal women wonder whether they should get treated for menopause even if they have no symptoms. They are generally healthy, eat right, exercise, take supplements, and don’t have any night sweats or hot flashes…so why should they worry about taking hormones?  The problem is that these menopausal women probably are having symptoms, they just don’t realize (with all do … Read More

Abstract: Higher Estradiol Levels Associated With Looking Younger

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Lancet. 1999 Jul 17;354(9174):224. Oestrogen and age estimations of perimenopausal women.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download Wildt L, Sir-Petermann T. Abstract We estimated the age of perimenopausal women at a first visit and measured the concentrations of oestradiol in serum. The accuracy of estimation of age strongly correlated with oestradiol concentrations: age was overestimated when oestradiol was low and … Read More

Abstract: Bioidentical Estradiol Improves Skin Wrinkles

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Schmidt JB, Binder M, Demschik G, Bieglmayer C, Reiner A. Department of Dermatology, University of Vienna Medical School, Austria.  BACKGROUND: The coincidence of climacteric symptoms and the beginning of skin aging suggests that estrogen deficiency may be a common and important factor in the perimenopausal woman. Often hormones have been considered important in endogenous aging of the skin, but their role has … Read More