Ventura Blvd Magazine – Testosterone Hormone Treatment Options

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Dr. Shira Miller is featured in the May/June 2017 Men’s Issue of Ventura Blvd Magazine, regarding testosterone hormone treatment options for men. In the article, “What you need to know about testosterone hormone treatments,” she explains that the first step prior to any testosterone treatment is determining if the suboptimal or low testosterone (Low T) is due to primary or secondary … Read More

How Come My Doctor Doesn’t Know All This?

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“How Come My Doctor Doesn’t Know All This?” My journey to becoming an integrative medicine doctor. I remember the first time a patient asked me if she could take a multivitamin. She handed me the small white bottle with a conflicted look on her face, and I concernedly stared at the ingredients. I didn’t know the answer, and I remember … Read More

Cenegenics Doctor Los Angeles

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I’m a Cenegenics-trained doctor with a concierge medical practice in Los Angeles, CA. I recently found this video of Cenegenics doctor, Dr. Jeffry Life, on the Dr. Phil show. The segment is called “What Happened to my Hot & Sexy Husband? UPDATE” and chronicles how Dr. Life helps two obese, diabetic, and fatigued husbands change their ways and reverse their medical … Read More

Dr. Shira Miller Joins Suzanne Somers’ Forever Health Doctor Network

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Forever Health Doctor, Los Angeles, California – August 1, 2013. Dr. Shira Miller, a longtime supporter of Suzanne Somers, joins Suzanne Somers’ Forever Health Doctor Network – a group of selected physicians specializing in bioidentical hormones, menopause, and anti-aging medicine. The Forever Health Doctor Network will be featured in Suzanne Somers’ new book, I’m Too Young For This!: The Natural … Read More

How to Save Money on Health Insurance and Get Healthy at the Same Time

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Many parents are used to the idea of paying out-of-pocket for private schools to provide a better education for their children, even though they are already taxed to pay for public schools. Most people, however, are not yet used to the idea of paying out-of-pocket for better medicine. Just like all my patients, I regularly pay out-of-pocket for services which … Read More

The Single Most Important Blood Test For You & Your Family

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Question: What’s the single most important blood test you should do, even if you think you are very healthy? Answer: 25-OH Vitamin D (Your Vitamin D Level) Vitamin D deficiency is an epidemic and everyone is at risk–from infants to the elderly. As most people work indoors and put on sunscreen whenever they go outside there is little opportunity for the sun’s … Read More

Clomiphene Citrate (CC or Clomid) – A Testosterone Therapy Alternative for Men with Low Testosterone Levels

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A Testosterone Therapy Alternative for Men with Low Testosterone Levels Whether you are a 30, 50, 80 or even 110 year old man, having low testosterone levels (hypogonadism) is neither fun nor healthy. The symptoms of low testosterone in men range from lack of energy, depressed mood, loss of vitality, muscle atrophy (sarcopenia), muscles aches, low libido, erectile dysfunction, and ... Read More

Abstract: Clomiphene Citrate Safe for Long-Term Management of Hypogonadism

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BJU Int. 2012 Mar 28. doi: 10.1111/j.1464-410X.2012.10968.x. [Epub ahead of print] Clomiphene citrate is safe and effective for long-term management of hypogonadism. Moskovic DJ, Katz DJ, Akhavan A, Park K, Mulhall JP. Source: Sexual & Reproductive Medicine Program, Urology Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, NY, USA. Abstract Study Type – Therapy (population cohort) Level of Evidence 2a What’s known on the subject? and What does the study add? Clomiphene citrate(CC) … Read More

Radio Interview: Dr. Shira Miller on Holy Hormones, Honey!

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Last month I was interviewed by Leslie Botha on the Holy Hormones, Honey! radio show at KRFC 88.9 FM, Ft. Collins, Colorado. We discussed: Why did I decide to become a menopause doctor? Is menopause a chronic disease? Is there really such a thing as post-menopause? What is the best way to replace bio-identical hormones after menopause? How do estrogen … Read More

How Do I Know If My Wife Is Going Through Menopause?

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A couple of weeks ago I started taking questions from my Facebook fans and then answering them on video. Below is the first Q&A video. Please let me know what you think. My husband was my camera man, editor, voice over artist, and made sure I smiled (at least at the beginning) while discussing this very serious topic! CLICK PICTURE … Read More