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The short videos below are a collection of doctor, patient, and actor testimonials about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies which mimic youthful hormone levels, rhythms, and menstrual periods.  They are available online and I have merely compiled them here for your convenience.

Endocrinologist Dr. Diana Schwarzbein explains how hormones should be replaced after menopause, and why a menstrual period needs to be restored. (1:59)

1960’s iconic actress and author Celeste Yarnall on the Wiley Protocol. (2:11)

Click here to read her written testimonial from another source.

Julia Parker on Sex, Lies, and Menopause and the Wiley Protocol. (1:13)

Gynecologist Dr. Courtney Ridley on the Wiley Protocol. (1:03)

Thank you to Dr. Fred Bloem in Maryland for the three testimonials below.
55 year old A.R. on the Wiley Protocol. (8:43)

57 year old Neva W. on the Wiley Protocol. (5:11)

60 year old Kathy H. on the Wiley Protocol. (6:36)

Dr. Deborah Werenko on the Wiley Protocol. (0:59)

Suzanne Somers speaks to doctors about Bioidentical Hormones. (9:55)

T.S. Wiley on the Wiley Protocol. (1:50)

Click here to view videos of Dr. Shira Miller on her YouTube Channel.

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