Videos on Restoring the Menstrual Period After Menopause

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The short videos below are a collection of doctor, patient, and actor testimonials about the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapies which mimic youthful hormone levels, rhythms, and menstrual periods.  They are available online and I have merely compiled them here for your convenience.

Endocrinologist Dr. Diana Schwarzbein explains how hormones should be replaced after menopause, and why a menstrual period needs to be restored. (1:59)

1960’s iconic actress and author Celeste Yarnall on the Wiley Protocol. (2:11)

Click here to read her written testimonial from another source.

Julia Parker on Sex, Lies, and Menopause and the Wiley Protocol. (1:13)

Gynecologist Dr. Courtney Ridley on the Wiley Protocol. (1:03)

Thank you to Dr. Fred Bloem in Maryland for the three testimonials below.
55 year old A.R. on the Wiley Protocol. (8:43)

57 year old Neva W. on the Wiley Protocol. (5:11)

60 year old Kathy H. on the Wiley Protocol. (6:36)

Dr. Deborah Werenko on the Wiley Protocol. (0:59)

Suzanne Somers speaks to doctors about Bioidentical Hormones. (9:55)

T.S. Wiley on the Wiley Protocol. (1:50)

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  • ghadah

    i will visit my son on21sep in Los Angeles n stay till 4 October. Is it enough time to get BIoidentical hormone therapy?can this therapy help me to extend the time of my period? How much the cost pls? I haven’t any insurance

    Thank u

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  • Sonu

    Thank you for your site post. Thomas and I have already been saving for just a new book on this subject and your short article has made us to save the money. Your opinions really clarified all our issues. In fact, more than what we had known prior to when we came across your wonderful blog. I actually no longer nurture doubts plus a troubled mind because you have attended to our needs in this article. Thanks

  • Dr. Shira Miller

    Thank you, Sonu!

  • ABW

    What if you cannot take hormones?

    • Dr. Shira Miller

      Dr. Miller: Usually that is a temporary situation, or due to misguided recommendations. Hormones are naturally found in the human body and required for optimal function.