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Have you ever seen Suzanne Somers lecture at a medical conference? If you have no idea why you would ever want to see TV’s silliest blond talk about medicine, I’ll tell you in a minute.

First, I want to let you know about Breakthrough Tour. In this cinema event, Suzanne Someers makes available on the big screen a heart-warming, insightful, and entertaining speech about the emotional and medical problems in her life which led her to the controversial solutions she discovered and wrote about in her 18 books.

From family and career woes, to breast cancer and menopause, to anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone therapy, you’ll get a first row seat to the possibilities that are available to those men and women who want to obtain optimal health and vitality at any age–and are willing to think and choose outside the box. Although much of the information she discusses can be found in her many books, seeing her “in person” is a good synopsis and adds an emotional element which is hard to replicate in hard copy.

Now, back to trusting a previous Three’s Company actress with medical advice. You don’t have to. Suzanne is much smarter than that. In all her books on medicine, each chapter takes you into a different expert physician’s office and interviews him or her. Suzanne acts as the diligent liaison patient, scrupulously questioning doctor after doctor, and you get the fruit of all her labor. It’s a great technique for educating both laypersons and doctors alike on cutting-edge medicine that currently isn’t being taught in traditional medical schools or residency programs. And, on a personal note, I consider her one of my first teachers in this regard.

The last screening of Breakthrough Tour was on Nov. 9th, 2010, but hopefully more will be available in the future or maybe the lecture will be offered on DVD.

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