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I was recently shopping for disability insurance when the sales lady made sure to let me know that women “my age” (40-50 years old) have a disability payment rate 44% higher than their male counterparts. I was surprised…but then not surprised. I see it in many of my new female patients: brain fog, body aches, irritability, weight gain, urine leakage, vaginal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, sleep deprivation, heart palpitations, and more. Who could function at the executive level with all that? And no sex? That’s a medical emergency in my world!

Women’s lives (and their partner’s lives) change with bioidentical estrogen, i.e., estradiol. It’s the most powerful treatment I prescribe, especially when it’s prescribed biomimetically alongside progesterone in a manner that mimics natural physiology. Bioidentical and biomimetic estradiol can bring a woman back to life…the way water rejuvenates a wilted flower.

It is heartwarming for me to watch my patients get their mojo back when they are at the peak of their life. I know I am improving myself every year, and I would hate for that to be stolen from me just because I reached menopause. On the contrary, the mature woman should be reaping the fruits of all her labor.

I’m not just talking about big smiles and orgasms. When patients get the treatment their bodies need, whether it’s the right nutritional plan, supplement, lifestyle change, and/or hormone replacement, that means they are able to wean off pharmaceuticals that they don’t need (and put them at risk of side-effects) and sometimes even avoid surgeries. For example, in my practice, these are some of the medications I have been able to discontinue in my patients:

1. Metoprolol and other blood pressure meds
2. Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Cymbalta, and other antidepressants
3. Testosterone (in men) – I’m writing a book about this. Click here to learn more and sign up for the pre-order list.
4. Viagra
5. Lipitor and other cholesterol-lowering meds
6. Adderral
7. Lithium
8. Boniva and other osteoporosis meds
9. Steroid eye drops
10. Vaginal estrogen
11. Oral estrogens, including birth control pills
12. Prilosec and other antacids
13. Advil and other pain meds
14. Thyroid meds
15. Allegra and other allergy meds

* Some medications can take over a year to wean off of to avoid withdrawal side-effects.

I have a very small practice, where I am able to get to know my patients, treat them with the respect they deserve (that’s on the verge of extinction in today’s healthcare environment), and provide unlimited and unhurried doctoring and health coaching. This latter is possible due to my concierge practice model, and I believe it is what allows me to achieve optimal results in my patients.


Dr. Miller

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