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What’s Your Menopause Plan?

How to Prepare for Menopause in 3 Easy StepsSo You Won't  Have to Suffer for Even One Day Contrary to popular belief, menopause is not a phase but rather a permanent shut down of ovarian function.  The average age a woman goes into menopause is 52, though it could...

Cenegenics Doctor Los Angeles

I'm a Cenegenics-trained doctor with a concierge medical practice in Los Angeles, CA. I recently found this video of Cenegenics doctor, Dr. Jeffry Life, on the Dr. Phil show. The segment is called "What Happened to my Hot & Sexy Husband? UPDATE" and chronicles how...

Dr. Shira Miller Knocks on Golden Door

January was a rewarding month! Many new and motivated patients joined my concierge menopause and anti-aging practice, my patients doing the new HCG fat loss program lost an average of 15 pounds (!) in 26 days, my husband and I attended childbirth classes, and I won...