How Can a Woman in her Late 40’s Minimize the Symptoms of Hormonal Changes?

Shira Miller, M.D.Men, Women2 Comments

Question: How can a woman in her late 40’s minimize the symptoms of hormonal fluctuations, such as fatigue, forgetfulness, lower ability to handle stress, and hot flashes?

The first thing you must ask yourself is: Why am I having these symptoms? The diagnosis should direct your treatment.

Most likely, all else being normal, you may be suffering from perimenopause, which is the transition period to menopause, or frank menopause. During this time, all women lose the production of the hormones estradiol and progesterone, as their last eggs die off and eventually they are no longer able to bear children.

So, if the cause of your symptoms are the nose-diving reproductive hormones or you are already in menopause, I believe the treatment should consist of balancing or replacing your deficient hormones to youthful levels. It’s the same idea as replacing low thyroid with thyroid hormones.

In conventional medicine, however, you will mostly be offered birth control (alien or foreign) hormones for a short period, antidepressants, or therapy. If you think i am not serious, click here to read all about it on WebMD. Please ignore their ads for foreign and alien reproductive hormones. And click here to learn about the differences between foreign/alien hormones and bio-identical hormones.

In addition, for a traditionally-trained doctor, the main goal is only to make your menopausal symptoms go away, not address the primary problem of a reproductive hormones deficiency with all of its sequelae. This is a huge misunderstanding because for many women in menopause, the hot flashes do eventually subside once they reach rock bottom hormone levels and they are no longer on the hormone roller coaster. But, that doesn’t mean they are all well and have nothing to worry about. They are still at rock bottom, and they are still suffering from a reproductive hormones deficiency … which increases their risk of weight gain, brain fog, fatigue, muscle atrophy, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, depression, anxiety, insomnia, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more.

I would recommend you see an Integrative Medicine physician for a comprehensive evaluation, preferably one who is able to prescribe you The Wiley Protocol if appropriate and necessary.

  • Dr. Shira Miller

    Hi Lita, Only in the past 100 years or so have women routinely lived past menopause. And if they did, as they do now, their health suffered unnecessarily. The natural hormones are derived mostly from yams, in clean laboratories, to mimic the molecular structure of hormones produced naturally by the human body. I hope that helps.

  • Mima

    Hi This is the first time I’ve ever seen a blog like this. I signed up for the Body Logic thepary 2 weeks ago and see the doc on Nov. 6th. I have a genuine hope that this will help me. I am from Indiana and fortunately there is a Body Logic doc in Indianapolis (Dr. Roger Spahr). I only live 35 min from Indy so this is a blessing & a miracle!!! By the way, I too am a registered nurse (critical care). I am 34 and have suffered with my problems for almost 10 years now!! I was prescribed Effexor then, it helped for a while, but now it does nothing and all the while, I knew my problems stemmed 100% from hormonal issues. The Effexor was only a band-aid . Since we are starting our thepary around the same time, I would like to keep posted about your progress. You are probably swamped with comments, but if you get time, I would like to ask you a few questions regarding my symptoms and the thepary. Just send me an email. Thanks Tiffany

  • Lita Pepion

    So, what did women do before companies started producing these natural hormone replacement products? What is in them? Did we have plants that had similar components? I have a hard time believing the Creator set us up to need our youthful hormone levels. Will do more research and keep an open mind.